Discover How to Start Using the Trend Continuation Model In Your
Trading Business with Chart Analysis Volume 1

In this intermediate-level video training class, you’ll discover how to use our time-tested Trend Continuation Model.

This one-hour video training will introduce you to three models of chart understanding.

Our instructor, Dr. Cooper, will go into further depth on the Trend Continuation Model and how you can use it to create winning trades.

Specifically, Dr. Cooper will teach both the TTC-A and the TTC-B trading templates.

Chart Analysis Volume 1

When you invest in this one-hour video training you will get immediate access on purchase through your dedicated member’s training portal.

About Your Instructor

Dr CooperDr. Stephen Cooper is the instructor for our Chart Analysis I: Trend Continuation Model video training.

Staring in June of 1999, Dr. Cooper had been the primary Stock Market instructor for bestselling authors Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen.

Helping students for some 20+ years now through as well.

Students note that Dr. Cooper’s clear and organized method of teaching brings understanding to a subject that is often misunderstood.

He has also been a popular lecturer at the investing events and seminars over the years and was even awarded Instructor of the Year a few times.

Are You Ready for This Training?

You may be wondering if you are ready to invest in the Chart Analysis Volume 1 video training.

And if so, that’s a great question.

To make sure you are prepared here’s what we recommend…

So you can understand the terminology and principles used inside this training, we highly recommend that you have read our Online Option Trader Manual before attending investing in this training.

If you don’t have the manual, you can purchase it here.

Getting Started with Our Chart Analysis Volume 1 Video Training

When it comes to building a successful trading business one of the most important things is understanding how to read the charts so you can profit from their short-term movements.

In the 3-part Chart Analysis video training, we cover three chart models we encourage folks to master. You can learn more about volume 2 and volume 3 of Chart Analysis here.

The starting point is Chart Analysis Volume 1 – the Trend Continuation Model.

Currently, the investment in this class is only a one-time investment of $99 but you can save $20 today.

Here’s How to Get Started

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