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Training Course on Trading Options

Online Option Trader Course by Online Option

If you are seeking to learn a systematic approach to profitable options trading this is the handbook of rules and guidelines specifically designed for you. This must-have manual has been used by thousands of students of all experience levels since 1999.

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Online Option Advanced Membership

Membership to opens the door to a new world of trading. Our-step by-step approach to the Market, analysis routines, and trading templates, provide a clear path to better trading. As a member, you will also become part of a unique community of traders and students.

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FREE Training About Financial Security

Money Dreams to Money Reality

Money Dreams to Money Reality will teach you about a 4-week step by step plan to get you started toward Financial Freedom. And it can be yours totally free of charge. Click on the button below to learn more.

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Training on Technical Analysis

Windows to Wealth Digital Training

After becoming familiar with the fundamentals of options trading, Windows to Wealth will help propel you to the status of an expert trader.

As a follow up to The OnlineOption Trader, Windows to Wealth takes an in-depth look at the art of technical analysis. With over 100 actual charts Windows to Wealth is the practical guide to understanding the most important chart indicators and how to use them in your own trading.

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Windows to Wealth Video Training Series

Windows to Wealth Video Training Volume One

These full-motion video and audio tutorial lessons of Windows to Wealth will explain the nuances of Technical Analysis.

Follow along step-by-step as Dr. Cooper illustrates each point clearly and succinctly with real-world examples.

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Windows to Wealth Video Training Volume Two

In part 2 of the Windows to Wealth video series you’ll dive even deeper into the nuances of Technical Analysis. As you follow along step-by-step with Dr. Cooper he’ll illustrate each point through real-world charts and data.

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Training on Trading Covered Calls

Winning with Covered Calls Course by Online Option

In this powerful guide, you’ll learn how to supercharge your trading account with covered calls.  This training guide provides you with all the tools and training required to show you how to make money writing covered calls.

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The Winning with Covered Calls video training is an advanced level class that explains how to sell covered calls so you can supercharge your trading account. In this class, we will teach the Covered Calls strategy outlined in his Winning With Covered Calls manual as we show you how to pick the underlying stock, choose the right option, and how to make money writing covered calls.

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Additional Guided Learning on How to Trade Stock & Options

We understand that learning is best achieved through multiple mediums such as hearing, reading, seeing, interacting, and practicing.

To provide you with the highest level of training we offer a variety of additional guided learning illustrated by an experienced and successful trader.

Each additionals class and training are offered separately so that you can customize the training to your own needs.

How to Exit The Trade

How to Exit the TradeIn this intermediate-level training class, we will explain the three pillars of a great exit strategy.  You’ll discover our proven and time-tested methods for exiting your trades.

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Chart Analysis Video Training Series

Chart Analysis Volume 1

In this intermediate-level class on chart analysis, you’ll discover how to use our Trend Continuation Model.

In this video training, we will introduce three models of chart understanding. We will go into further depth on the Trend Continuation Model and how you can use it so you can to create winning trades for yourself. Specifically, you’ll learn the TTC-A and the TTC-B trading templates.

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Chart Analysis Volume 2

In this intermediate-level class on chart analysis, you’ll discover how to use our Pattern Alteration Model.

We will show you how to employ the Pattern Alteration Model to create winning trades. We will help you understand and show you how to use Support and Resistance to make what we consider some absurdly big profits.

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Chart Analysis Volume 3

In the first Chart Analysis course, we explain the Trend Continuation Model. In the second class, we teach our Pattern Alteration Model. In this third class, we will teach the Trend Reversal Model and how to employ it to so you can create winning trades following this template.

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How to Choose the Right Option

Choosing The Right Option

Inside this training, you’ll discover how to choose the right option through our step by step proven system to determine the best option contracts to use in your trades.

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Option And Trading Fundamentals

If you need help understanding the basics of options and how they can leverage your trading dollars, this class is specifically designed for you.  You’ll discover all the essentials you need to start using options as part of your greater trading strategy.

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