Not Sure Where to Start? Discover Our Proven Step-by-Step Plan…

Whether you are a total stock market beginner and newbie or you are a seasoned pro we believe the course of action outlined below is a perfect place to start.  It ties in multiple forms of learning and anchors your training with our weekly help sessions through the Advanced Membership so you can rest assured that you get that personal touch through our group coaching.

That said if you are a bit unsure of what might be the right fit for you though you can also reach out to us and we will do our best to create a specific course of action for you.

Step #1 – Online Option Membership

Membership to Online Option opens the door to a new world of trading for you. Our-step by-step approach to the Market, analysis routines, and trading templates, provide a clear path to better trading.

Coupled with our worldwide member trading community you will have access to everything you need to take your trading to new heights. It all begins with membership to

Online Option Advanced Membership

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Kickstart Your Way to Financial Freedom with Money Dreams to Money Reality

Money Dreams to Money Reality

Part of our overall philosophy for financial success includes mastery of basic money principles and strategies.

If you have credit card balances that won’t be paid off this month if you are making endless car payments if you are not on track to achieve the Financial Freedom you are after…then we believe you must read Money Dreams to Money reality before taking another financial step.

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Step #2 – The Online Option Trader Manual

This acclaimed trading handbook has been enjoyed and well used by thousands of beginning and seasoned traders.

We truly believe this is a “Must Read” for all new members. The manual is a principle-based training that has been recently updated with even more information, examples, and additional training so you can get even more value.

Online Option Trader Manual

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Step #3 – Further In-Depth Training on Technical Analysis

Once you’ve had some time to understand the concepts covered in The Online Option Trader Manual and you are ready for more.

Experienced traders or trading students who are new to may be ready to gain a deeper understanding of chart analysis or advanced entry and exit strategies right away.

That’s where the Windows to Wealth series provides much of our 35+ years of trading experience and our nearly 25 years of teaching experience to you.

Windows to Wealth Digital Training

After becoming familiar with the fundamentals of options trading, Windows to Wealth will help propel you to the status of an expert trader.

As a follow up to The OnlineOption Trader, Windows to Wealth takes an in-depth look at the art of technical analysis. With over 100 actual charts Windows to Wealth is the practical guide to understanding the most important chart indicators and how to use them in your own trading.

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Windows to Wealth Video Training Series

Windows to Wealth Video Training Volume One

These full-motion video and audio tutorial lessons of Windows to Wealth will explain the nuances of Technical Analysis.

Follow along step-by-step as Dr. Cooper illustrates each point clearly and succinctly with real-world examples.

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Windows to Wealth Video Training Volume Two

In part 2 of the Windows to Wealth video series you’ll dive even deeper into the nuances of Technical Analysis. As you follow along step-by-step with Dr. Cooper he’ll illustrate each point through real-world charts and data.

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Step #4 – Additional Guided Learning

We understand that learning is best achieved through multiple mediums such as hearing, reading, seeing, interacting, and practicing.

To provide you with the highest level of training we offer a variety of additional guided learning illustrated by an experienced and successful trader.

Each additionals class and training are offered separately so that you can customize the training to your own needs.

It includes training on things like:

  • Exit Strategies
  • Writing Covered Calls
  • Specific Trading Templates and Models
  • Choosing the Right Option
  • Options & Trading Fundamentals
  • And much more…

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