Discover How to Chart Your Way to Financial Freedom with
Windows to Wealth Volume I

The Windows to Wealth video and audio lessons are designed as if you were sitting next to us as we both explain technical analysis and show you how its done with real examples.

This is truly a behind the scenes look at technical analysis in action. What you see on your monitor will be exactly what your instructor Dr. Cooper saw as he prepared each lesson for you.

These tutorial lessons allow you to watch the charts as each concept is fully explained. You will see every move of the cursor, each button as it is clicked and each line as it is drawn.

And you’ll be able to review the lessons again and again as you need or want.

Windows to Wealth Video Training Volume One

The Windows to Wealth Series is broken up into 5 modules as outlined below.

Module #1 – Mastering Chart Fundamentals

This foundational and critical module includes the following video training:

[+] Lesson 1 – Chart Fundamentals
[+] Lesson 2 – Trend Lines
[+] Lesson 3 – Spotting Trend Changes
[+] Lesson 4 – Support
[+] Lesson 5 – Resistance

Module #2 – Line Studies & Configurations

Module two includes the following video training:

[+] Lesson 1 – Combining Trend Lines
[+] Lesson 2 – Channel Patterns
[+] Lesson 3 – Triangles, Flags, and Pennants
[+] Lesson 4 – Putting it All Together

Module #3 – Moving Averages

Module three includes the following video training:

[+] Lesson 1 – Introduction to Moving Averages
[+] Lesson 2 – Simple, Weighted & Exponential Moving Averages
[+] Lesson 3 – Comparing Moving Averages
[+] Lesson 4 – Moving Average Time Frames
[+] Lesson 5 – Using Moving Average Crossovers

Module #4 – The Many Faces of Volume

Module four includes the following video training:

[+] Lesson 1 – Volume & Volume Indicators
[+] Lesson 2 – Trends & Moving Averages of Volume
[+] Lesson 3 – On Balance Volume
[+] Lesson 4 – Accumulation/Distribution
[+] Lesson 5 – Chaikin A/D Oscillator

Module #5 – Patterns of Profit & Cycles of Change

Module five includes the following video training in two sections.

Time as Represented In:

[+] Lesson 1 – Units
[+] Lesson 2 – Views
[+] Lesson 3 – Periods

Patterns & Cycles of: 

[+] Lesson 4 – Price
[+] Lesson 5 – Volume
[+] Lesson 6 – Volatility

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If you are serious about wanting to propel your trading to the status of an expert trader look to our complete Windows to Wealth Technical Analysis bundle.

Inside this bundle, you’ll get access to all of the video and audio tutorials in the Windows to Wealth Series and you’ll get access to our former 300+ page Windows to Wealth training guide, which we’ve turned into a fully-fledged online course all delivered in your training portal.

Here’s Exactly What’s Included

[+] The Windows to Wealth Series Volume I online videos ONE through FIVE—(normally $249)

These full-motion video and audio tutorial lessons will explain the nuances of Technical Analysis. Follow along step-by-step as we illustrate each and every point and nuance.

The Windows to Wealth tutorial lessons are separated into 5 sets for you to easily consume and take action on.

[+] The Windows to Wealth Series Volume II online videos SIX through TEN —(normally $249)

These full-motion video and audio tutorial lessons expand on Volume I to go even deeper into the nuances of Technical Analysis for you.

[+] Windows to Wealth Digital Training Course—(normally $97)

That’s a total value of nearly $600.

But when you get access to the complete technical analysis you’ll save a full $100, which is like getting our Windows to Wealth training course for free.

Here’s How to Get Started

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