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Member Quotes - Learn How to Trade Stock | Online Option

Put option Quest Diagnostics. August 90 put. Total time in trade 18 days gain of 155%.

Ouida Vi.,
The simplest and most powerful stategy for me has been Trading with the Trend - The Trend is your Friend has made me thousands of dollars in the last month...

Greg Ph.,
I am currently in your class. I closed my first trade today for a profit just over 375%! The system works...

Mike Ma.,
GD Aug 100 Put @ 4.80 sold at 13.20 7 days later 175% GD Aug 100 Put @ 4.80 sold at 18.50 12 days later 285%

Ronnie Ja.,
I bought 6 DJX Sept 88 puts. I was in this position for 7 days and made an 86% profit. Yeah! Hooh! My total profits after commission was $2340.00.

Joseph Le.,
I made 117% on BLL in 10 days. I participated in your 8 week class from August thru September. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

Linda Al.,
Purchased October $32.00 QLGC put (QLGCVZ) for $2.75 - closed today (23 trading days) with a bid of $12.40 for a gain of 351%.

Herb Ma.,
Although I read Windows to Wealth, I didn't really "get it" until you went through it last night on the last Advanced Tech class.

Margaret Na.,
I just love this stuff and the way it works. It is nice coming to understanding the logic, reason and patterns of the market.

Margret Na.,
Thank you very much for the insight you provide to your premium members.

John Gi.,
My TV has now been muted indefinitely when CNBC is on, as you are the only person whose opinion I listen to.

John Gi.,
9 trades all open between 1 and 3 weeks 6 profitible ones... 151%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 16%, 2%. 3 losses... 9%, 9%, 29%

Becky Ja.,
Having now completed your Stocks and Options training program, my confidence and understanding have increased more than I could have imagined.

Charlie Si.,
I bought 10 AES $2.50 call leaps at $ 1.80 they are trading at $ 6.10. (+239%).

Cord Is.,
Dr. C just a note to thank you . Have made over 300% on HOV since 29th and 86% on DNA just for today. Have placed trailing stops to protect profit. Keep up the great work.

Peter Wr.,
closed TARO Monday for 98% real money gain in 4 trading days!! Thanks so much!

Tom Ka.,
I bought 20 CHTR $2.50/2005 call leaps at 0.75 they are trading at $ 1.65. (+120%).

Cord Is.,
I opened the Aug QQQ 31 option for 0.95 on 7/2and closed it on 7/9 for 2.00. Over 100% gain in one week!! Thank you for the wonderful tip off!

Shelly Go.,
Your course is one of only two courses that ever made enough sense to me make money with and the only one I would trust in a bear market.

Ted He.,
I have been a student of yours for about four months, and have been trading with real money for two months. My return is a whopping 242%. Thanks to you I am now an addict!

Bill Sh.,
I have been using your system for several months now and am a true believer. I tell everyone about your program and how simple it is to get started.

Bryan Co.,
I have learned more applicable, understandable technical analysis from your materials than I have in the last 9 years and thousands of dollars.

Johnstuart Gu.,
rcii - 89.9% profit, in the trade 14 days qlgc - 55.74% profit, in the trade 14 days pcar - 110.64% profit, in the trade 14 days

Kevin Pl.,
I am astounded!! Thank you for everything that you do.

Kevin Pl.,
I can not thank you enough for all that you do! Please know that you are making a positive difference in the world we live in.

Jennifer Ha.,
Bought XLNX Dec 60 Call on 7/22 for 10 1/2 Sold for 31 5/8 on 11/19. Thanks for all your help in getting started. I am having a blast so far.

Ed Na.,
I want to express how genuinely grateful I am for all the knowledge that you share with us, your students.

Terrie Kn.,
Following your rules, I saw a buy signal on VRTY. I bought at 9 1/4. This past Monday I decided to sell it at 21 1/2. That was a clear profit of $6,125. And the beat goes on.

Joe Ra.,
Thank you for the updates. I just completed the Online Option's course last Wednesday and I thoroughly enjoyed it and can see how I can make money with your system.

Peter He,
WOW!! Am I excited or what? My CPN contracts are up 234% in a month! Dr. Cooper, I sold my GBLX position for a very nice profit as well on Friday.

I made $5,310 (157%) on Comverse Technology October 75 Calls using Dr. Cooper's option system.

John Mc.,
To get to the pot of gold, you first have to find a rainbow. Thanks to your class, I've found it. I'll gladly sign up for your advanced membership.

I finally made my first option play 3/17 on FLEX July 65 Calls @ $9.75. The option today was at a bid of $15.625, so I''m ahead about 60%, with plenty of time to watch it grow.

George Sa.,
JOYG had a nice breakout starting yesterday, I had the same intuition and was lucky enough to pick up some April 50 calls a week ago at around $1.70. It closed at $6.00 today.

Thomas Ba.,
Thank you, Dr. Cooper, since finishing your class 5 weeks ago. I have made a gross profit of over $65,000.

Carl Ne.,
I just finished checking my list of purchases. 5 out of 6 are up; one of them has nearly tripled: ADCT. I am up a total of $9,995.25.

Linda Pa.,
During my first 8 week session using paper trading I was able to triple my investment.

Mike Za.,
I feel the skills that I have learned in this class will help me for the rest of my life as well as my children.

Mike Za.,
24% gain in 8 days on jwn call bought at 7.4 sold at 9.10 33 % gain in 8 days on ice call bought at 9.20 sold at 12.30

Ken Mc.,
I started trading 3 weeks ago. I doubled my money in ADCT in 3 weeks! This is really easy. Thanks Dr. C

John No.,
I have done extremely well in my paper trading....if it was real money, I would have had a $100,000 gain now since I started doing it 6 months ago.

Bonnie Be.,
I have learned a lot from Dr. C and find this site to be very worthwhile - this system really works!

Bonnie Be.,
We bought our first option contract, which was a JDSU Sept110 call for $1350.00 We sold it 10 days later for $3262.50

Steve & Vicky Si.,
CPN Oct 50 calls 263% profit. EMLX Oct 60 calls 198% profit. QLGC Jan 70 calls 191% profit. I am amazed at these results.

Martin Be.,
I made 43% on one trade in less than a week! Thank you for this incredible course!

Joseph Ra.,
I made a 33% return in 7 days on UCL options and 19% in 8 days on SEBL options during a very rough NASDAQ market.

Bea Ar.,
I've become an Advanced member and really appreciate the IBD screening. Makes it sooooo much easier!

Bea Ar.,
In just a very short time I gained enough knowledge on which stocks to look at, when to enter a trade oand most importantly when to exit a trade.

Martin Be.,
64% gain in 13 days on hxm call bought at 5.60 sold at 9.20 (1st ever trade)

Ken Mc.,
I bought 1000 shs of NTPA for a covered call and immediately sold Oct calls @$25, Price 3 3/4 for immediate profit of 15% or $3,750 in my Roth account. Thank you soooo much , Dr. C for the very helpful info. I had always been afraid to do this before so this is great.

Eleanor B.,
AZA picked on 8/15 @8 5/8 $4312.50. Sold on Sept 1 @19 3/8 = $9687.50. Profit = $5375.00. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Rosemarie Ze.,
...I showed profits on 4 out of my first 6 trades doing 3 calls and 3 puts. Thank you.

We bought option May 55.00(RJR EK-E)for $3.90 and currently its bid price was $5.20 = 33% !!!

Ian Sc.,
Hello Dr.Cooper: I was quite thrilled when my first option trade with KLAC netted me $6650. That was 50% in 24hrs.

Ron Ha.,
I just completed a put trade today on Microsoft. I made a profit of 26 1/2% ! I just have to report the extra 1/2 because I am very happy that it worked!

Jo W.,
I received your "Windows to Wealth" and have read it twice with alot of review time as well. It is a fantastic book and is worth it's weight in gold.

Ralph S.,
Thank you for all of your vison and wisdom. I have read Windows to Wealth over 3 times(it's so good). Thank you agian for all your help. I'am a very inspired man!

Benny in the great white North,
DR.C, I sold today with over $7,500 profit in one week.

Annie Ki.,
"I made 100% on CAH last month. Bought the CAH CHJIY Sep 75 CALLS at $1.65 sold at $3.30."

Ron Ha.,
My last three trades have been CHKP 9/45 put up 18% in 8 days; CPN Oct40 put up 67% in 16 days; and AES 9/40 put up 58% in 4 days. Thanks for the coaching.

Steve He.,
I bought ELNT Nov 25 Call at $3.10. I sold it during the day today for $5.80 for a gain of 87%.

Lou Iv.,
"I bought 5 contracts on BCRM and sold with 100% profit in 3 days."

Sanat Bh.,
We opened our position with 5 contracts of BRLWQ (Bar Labs Nov 85 Put) at $4.50/contract or a total purchase price of $2250... Our profit was $ 4050 (or 180%) in just 2 weeks!

Irick and Marty,
I just want to say I have learned so much just from listening to last 2 help sessions, so worth the extra $ for advanced membership!!

Anita H.,
Thank you so much for showing us your systems! I took out a call option on BLL... 02 May 70 at $4.90. I sold it today at $10.50...that is a 114% profit in 8 days! Thank you Dr. Cooper...I was almost a skeptic but I kept the emotion out of it and it paid off!.. I have made 20, 30 and 40% on my trades but this is the highest yet!

Melanie Fi.,
I would like to report my trading results. I believe they are quite incredible. I purchased BLL for $4 and sold it today for $11.60. That is a 190% return in 2 weeks.

Sean Ha.,
Yesterday I opened a trade on the June 80 call on AZO for $.95. Today I closed the trade at $3.20, a gross profit increase of 236%, or 225% net minus commissions.

Garry Ga.,
I opened a trade on ORBK(Jul.30call)for $1.25 with 10 contracts. I closed 10 days later at $2.70. As I see it that is a 116% return.

Billy Ne.,
I too appreciated the heads up on AZO.......+ %100 from what you said and getting it through my thick head and finally things started making more sense. Seems my learning curve accelerates when real money gets involved.

Tom Ke.,
As a seasoned day trader, Dr. Cooper's trading strategies have helped me immensely. I highly recommend his teachings.

Steve Ma.,
I bought Autonation (AN) Jan 15 Put for 0.65 on and sold it for 1.95 3 days later for a 300% profit.

Philip Ye.,
Following the ADBE trade last Monday, I did another one of its kind today. I bought an option on ACS yesterday (on Thursday) @ 10:20 EST. and sold it today (Friday) at 1:05 P.M. Using the JUL 47.50 CALL option (ACSGW) I was able to make a quick 62.5% GAIN on this trade!!! (I got in when the option was 1.6 and out for 2.6!).........

Using your template and strategies over the last four weeks, I have increased my Options Trading Portfolio to 260.82% of my initial account.

Greg Ph,
july call at 7.10 ....sold at 42.00.......490% gain

Ken Mc,
Made 33% today when Trailing Stop was hit on IDXX Jan 2008 115 call (love that $$$$). Love trading.

Conrad Tu.,
This is another thank you, to your Dad and OnlineOption family. It is clear that your Dr. Cooper is too honest... the kind of trading alerts that he posts to members are just incredible. Where else could one get this kind of service? Nowhere! It's unbelievable!

Victor Yo.,
I bought GMRC March 70 calls on Dec 11 @ $5.00, on the trend reversal template. I was stopped out this morning at open @ $13.80, for a 176% profit in 3 weeks. Thank you so much for sharing your trading knowledge & techniques with us.

Brenda Cy,
Thank you Dr. Cooper for taking your time to share your insights. I appreciate it very much.

Clare Al.,
Dr Cooper presentation was excellent, I enjoyed listening to his lecture and hope I can follow closely his instructions to develop my winning trading plan.

Mervyn Do.,
I did a paper trade on APOL yesterday- I bought May 60 calls @ $4.20 at market open, put a 10% trail on it, and was stopped out @ $5 for a 19% profit.

Brenda Cy.,
Today I am paper trading GILD- I got a partial fill on May 47 @ $2.50- and it's up 15.6% in the first 10 minutes. I'll let you know how it ends up

Brenda Cy.,
...My portfolio account increased by 50%. So once again - thank you for everything that you do.

Keerthi Bathija ,
Jan 70 Call (EOUAN) @ $6.40 on channel breakout trailing stop exit at $19.30 after gap up, 200% profit in a little over a month.

Dan Golder,
I have diligently followed your teaching and applied the principles consistently, working on my trading almost every day. I also attend the Monday help session whenever I can, and find it useful. As a result, my account has increased by about 250% over the last year and a half.

Kevin Co.,
By the way, I bought some DIA and QQQQ December calls after the bull flag breakout and sold them 11 days later for gains of 53% and 139% respectively.

John G.,

C. W.,
Thank you for these updates during the week. They are extremely helpful to those of us who are working on other projects and allow us to \"stay connected\" to our potential (and current) trading positions without constantly monitoring the markets all day.

Laura Bu,
Just wanted to let you know that I closed another successful stock option trade, this one was a 60% profit! I cant wait to continue my training through your coursework. Your system really is reliable and not a "get rich quick" scheme. Thank you again for all that you have done.

Entered May Call on AAL at at $2.96. Sold at $3.98 for a quick 34% return in one day.

Got in a DIA trade. Purchased at $2.56 and closed at $3.58 for 39.8% in 2 days.

M. H.,
Entered WMT april call at $.66. Stopped out at $1.08 for 63.6% in four days.

Made 124% on AAPL in just a few weeks using March calls.

85.4% on AAPL Calls. Got in on a breakout and out by trailing stop.

Bob O.,
Based on a Reverse Lincoln's Hat I bought AOS January calls. Made a quick 39%. Thanks for teaching me how to do that!

Entered December Call on DE. Made 121.2% in 5 days!

On Wednesday I purchased the Jun 80 Calls for $4.60. I saw a channel breakout with support at 82. 2 Days later it broke Way Out and I sold the same day at $9.90 for a 115% gain!

On Monday I bought July 22 call options for $0.99 and today (Friday) I sold them for $1.46 for a 47.5% increase before commissions in 4 days.

John G.,
The half hour I spent on the phone with Dr. C. was probably the most important conversation I have ever had with anyone. Not probably, it was the most important!