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Membership to opens the door to a new world of trading! Our-step by-step approach to the Market, analysis routines, and trading templates, provide a clear path to better trading. As a member you will also become part of a unique community of traders and students. Advanced Members may not only post trades to their own data base but also study the trades of other Advanced Members.

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What are the differences between Basic and Advanced Membership?

The Benefits Basic Membership Advanced Membership
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Market updates posted to the website Yes Yes
War Room message board Yes Yes
Live weekly Trading Help Session: Join Dr. C. each Monday for this hands on trading workshop. Yes
Member Trades: Post your trades and view actual trades of other members! Profit/loss is automatically calculated. Yes
View Dr. Cooper's Watch Lists Yes Yes
View a screened list of Mutual Funds. Yes Yes
Access to the Classroom section Yes Yes
Access to interactive charting Yes Yes
Access to key trading resources; Split calendar, Slams, News, Quotes, Broker Score Card, Charting, Upgrades, Downgrades, Earnings Calendar, Insider Trading, and more. Yes Yes
Receive direct email alerts with market updates, impending trades, watch list changes, technical analysis of broad market action, and other discussion from Dr. Cooper. Yes
Alert Library: search all email alerts. Yes
Receive weekly email notification of new trade candidates Yes
Monthly membership fee: $29.95 $49.95
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