Discover Money Dreams to Money Reality Training

If you have credit card balances that won’t be paid off this month, if you are making car payments, if you are not on track for Financial Freedom…then you must read Money Dreams to Money Reality before taking another financial step.

Money Dreams to Money Reality

Inside Money Dreams Money Reality you’ll learn a simple plan to get rid of debt once and for all.

How do you know if this training is for you?

Let’s start with a few questions…

[+] Do you know if you are being ripped off by insurance companies, mortgage brokers, or even car dealers?

[+] Do you have any consumer debt (credit card, personal loans, etc)

[+] Are you looking to step into financial freedom?

When it comes to those places where your money is spent month after month you’d better know what you are doing.

Money Dreams to Money Reality will teach you about a 4-week step by step plan to get you started toward Financial Freedom.

Money Dreams to Money Reality (formerly The Truth About Money) was written by Dr. Cooper to help students understand debt and their financial foundation.

It is a content-rich and action-orientated training that you’ll get access to immediately inside your members portal.

“The notion that our lives can be compartmentalized persists. It is simply not true. Like it or not, our social, spiritual, business, romantic, parental, recreational, and money activities are inextricably woven together.

This book is directed to questioning how you, the reader, handle your stewardship over the money that passes through your hands. Money represents various things to different people. Money itself is neutral. It is neither good nor evil.”

-Dr. Stephen Cooper

Here’s What is Included Inside Money Dreams to Money Reality…

[+] “Say it isn’t so”
[+] The Credit Card Carousel
[+] “Hey, check out my New Car!”
[+] “No Problem, I have a Lawyer.”
[+] Finding and fixing your Money Scripts
[+] The Debt Cycle
[+] The Bucket, Revisited
[+] “What Insurance do I need?”
[+] Save Thousands on your mortgage
[+] Tax Control
[+] Managing your money
[+] Start Building Your Financial Freedom Machine
[+] “Now that I have a few extra bucks
[+] What do I do with them?”
[+] The 10% Rule
[+] The Long Term View
[+] Understanding Mutual Funds
[+] The Power of Compounding
[+] The Big Plan
[+] “And, Why Not?”

Here’s How to Get Started for FREE

I’ve got some good news for you.

After speaking with Dr. Cooper and realizing the previous edition was written back in 2003 we decided to fully update the Money Dreams Money Reality book. During that process, we decided it’d be best for us to serve you by offering it for free as a multi-part online course, which we are really excited about.

Be sure to take a look while you can.

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