Money Dreams Money Reality Your 30-Day Quick-Start
to Financial Freedom

personal finance course

In the following 5-part personal finance course, our aim is to assist you along the path to financial freedom. Aside from doing enough things right for a long enough period of time, there is also the need to avoid do things wrong over that same span.

Thoughts under both those headings will be offered to you.

In addition to practical advice and information, I will invite you to carefully consider what is going on behind the scenes that influence how you think, act, react and plan for this pervasive and encompassing aspect of life.

Sir Francis Bacon is purported to have said something like this,

“If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master…”

To a large degree, we may choose to be master to or servant of money.

We don’t all begin at the same starting line, that is true.

But, from this moment we do have an equal chance and virtually unlimited opportunity to improve our individual circumstances.

You are now officially invited and challenged.

Over this 5-part Money Dreams Money Reality training course we go beyond basic personal finance, you’ll be given the opportunity to carefully consider the expectations, disappointments, dreams, habits, failures, and successes that motivate you regarding the gathering and use of your money.

This is a considerable task.

It will require you to honestly ask yourself, “What have I been thinking and doing that has kept me from the financial success I want and deserve?” 

You must also face the greatest one-word question ever asked, “Why?”

“What’s in it for me?” you might ask. 

That is simple—FREEDOM.

By participating in these courses and following the steps you’ll be guided through, you will become free to move to the next level of financial success and all that comes with it. Until you begin uncoupling from incorrect notions, fears, and poor decisions about you and money, you are not free from their consequences.

Who will be the servant, and who the master?

Table of Contents

Part 1: Understanding Credit; Credit Cards & Debt

Part 2: Essentials: Insurance, Mortgage, Taxes (Coming Soon)

Part 3: Personal Finance for Beginners

Part 4: Long-Term Investing; a Fresh View of an Old Topic

Part 5: Introduction to Dividend Investing

– Dr C and Ryan

Dr Cooper And Ryan