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The Windows to Wealth Series - Volume Two VIEW ONLINE after purchase!

How to Chart Your Way to Financial Freedom

Once you have purchased the Windows to Wealth Lessons, you will be able to watch them here, as if you were sitting next to Dr. Cooper as he both explains technical analysis and shows you how its done! Simply click on a lesson topic and your computer will present your own private technical analysis seminar. What you see on your monitor will be exactly what Dr. Cooper saw as he prepared each lesson.

Using MetaStock charting software, these tutorial lessons allow you to watch the charts as each concept is explained. You will see every move     of the cursor, each button as it is clicked and each line as it is drawn. Then refer back to your library at any time to review the lessons again!

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Module Six
Profiting from Stochastics & MACD  Buy Now

  Lesson 1 - Intro to Oscillators  
  Lesson 2 - Understanding Stochastics  
  Lesson 3 - Stochastic Entry Signals  
  Lesson 4 - Understanding MACD  
  Lesson 5 - MACD Entries  

Module Seven
Understanding RSI and Williams %R Buy Now

  Lesson 1 - Intro to RSI  
  Lesson 2 - RSI Entries  
  Lesson 3 - Williams %R  
  Lesson 4 - %R Overbought/Oversold  
  Lesson 5 - %R Divergence Entries  

Module Eight
Indicator Patterns Buy Now

  Lesson 1 - The Double Bottom  
  Lesson 2 - The Double Top  
  Lesson 3 - Upside Breakouts  
  Lesson 4 - Downside Breakouts  
  Lesson 5 - Support and Resistance  

Module Nine
How to Exit the Trade Buy Now

  Lesson 1 - Straight Percentage Exits  
  Lesson 2 - The 7-Day Rule  
  Lesson 3 - The Half & Half Plan  
  Lesson 4 - Volume Failures  
  Lesson 5 - Volume Peaks  

Module Ten
More, How to Exit the Trade Buy Now

Time as Represented in:
  Lesson 1 - Sell Weakness/Buy Strength  
  Lesson 2 - Exhaustion Gaps  
  Lesson 3 - Fibonacci Refracements  
  Lesson 4 - 'Go Home With the One What Brung Ya.'  
  Lesson 5 - The Nuances of Change  
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