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Winning with Covered Calls (e-book) — $19.95

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This downloadable guide provides you with all the tools required to make money writing covered calls.

Winning with Covered Calls

A Powerful Method of Supercharging your Trading Account

Are you interested in learning a stock market trading technique that can realistically earn 60% per year, or more? What if this technique were safer and far more likely to make gains than simply buying and selling stock? If this technique were so safe that you could do it in your IRA, would that be a motivator for you?

The Covered Call strategy is a powerful method of supercharging your trading account(s). This 29 page manual, written by Dr. Cooper, will guide you through the process of writing Covered Calls. Complete with charts, option chains, and screen shots, you'll see exactly how to make money using this strategy. Topics covered include how to pick underlying stock, rules for picking the correct option, the values of time, and much more...

How it works:

Winning With Covered Calls is a 29 page downloadable e-book. As you complete the checkout process, you will get a link to download the e-book immediately. You should save the file to your computer so that you can continue to access it in the future.


Ideally, you will have read and understand the
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before starting on Covered Calls. This is simply so that you understand the concept and function of stock and option trading.

Along with this e-book, you may wish to consider taking our live, online class.
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