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How to Exit the Trade — $59.00

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Exit Strategies: An intermediate level class covering methods for exiting your trades.

Dr. Cooper will explain the three pillars of a great exit strategy. Specific methods include Straight Percentage Exits and Trailing Stops. Dr. Cooper will show you how to place the Trailing Stop order. He will also explain the principle of "Going Home with the one what brung ya" as you may have read in his Windows to Wealth book. Finally, Dr. Cooper will illustrate how to use the Fibonacci Retracement to exit.

How it works:

The final confirmation page of your order provides a link to view the class immediately. If you do not see this link, visit the Members Area; My Account; My Library and click the link next to the class you have purchased.

Your instructor:

Dr. Cooper is your instructor for the Exit Strategies class.

Preparation for the class:

You must have read Dr. Cooper's OnlineOption Trader Manual before attending this class. If you don't have the manual, you can purchase it here.

Many of the exit strategies used are taught in Dr. Cooper's 'Windows to Wealth Book'. While not required, it would be helpful to study this book either before or after taking the class. The Windows to Wealth Book is available on the products page underTechnical Analysis.

Enjoy the Exit Strategies class with Dr. Cooper!