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Option and Trading Fundamentals — $59.00

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Option and Trading Fundamentals: What are options? If you need help understanding the basics of options and how they can leverage your trading dollars, this class is for you! Dr. Cooper will explain calls and puts, and show you how to properly use an option chain. He'll show you what in-the-money, at-the-money, and out-of-the-money options are. Dr. Cooper will show you how to choose the best option for your trade, and finally how to place a trade order.

How it works:

This 1-hour class is held using GoToWebinar technology. The final confirmation page during checkout will give you a link to receive access information immediately. If you do not see this link, visit the Members Area; My Account; My Library, then click on the link next to your class. You will then be sent an email with access information. A specific link will allow you to see your instructor's computer screen. You will also call in to a conference line by telephone, where you will be able to hear and participate in discussion. The webinar class will be recorded.

Your instructor:

Dr. Cooper will be your instructor for this live class.

Preparation for the class:

It will help if you have read the OnlineOption Trader Manual before attending this class. If you don't have the manual, you can purchase it here.

You will also want to open your OptionsXpress virtual account before the class if possible. This is a broker account, similar to a regular bank account. They will require all the standard information, such as social security number, etc., and you will need to mail in your signature for their files. OptionsXpress does not require an opening deposit, so you can use the Virtual Trade feature without depositing any real money to the account.
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If you receive the class access information ahead of time, try going to the link to make sure you have everything necessary. If you do not have Java installed, it will prompt you to do so.

Enjoy the Option and Trading Fundamentals class with Dr. Cooper!