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Chart Analysis II — $59.00

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Access this recorded class from the My Account; My Library page

Chart Analysis II: An intermediate level class that explains the Pattern Alteration model.

In this recorded class, Dr. Cooper will show you how to employ the Pattern Alteration Model to create winning trades. He will help you understand and show you how to use Support and Resistance to make absurdly big profits. You will also learn the Channel Breakout Template, Flag Patterns, and Triangles. Finally, Dr. Cooper will instruct you on Consolidation, a key to seeing behind the curtain.

How it works:

This 1-hour class is held using GoToWebinar technology. To access the recording, visit the Members Area; My Account; My Library page and click on the link next to your class.

Preparation for the class:

You must have read Dr. Cooper's OnlineOption Trader Manual before attending this class. If you do not have the manual, you can purchase it here.

Enjoy the Chart Analysis II class with Dr. Cooper!