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Chart Analysis III — $59.00

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Chart Analysis III: In the first Chart Analysis course, Dr. Cooper explained the Trend Continuation Model. The second class taught Pattern Alteration. In this third class, Dr. Cooper will teach the Trend Reversal Model and how to employ it to create winning trades.

Dr. Cooper will teach several methods for Trend Reversals including; The Cooper Reversal Template, The Lincoln's Hat and Reverse Lincoln's Hat, Double Tops and Double Bottoms. He will also show you how to spot the bottom of a Bear Market.

Your instructor:

Dr. Cooper will be your instructor for this live class.

Preparation for the class:

We recommend reading the OnlineOption Trader Manual before viewing this class. If you don't have the manual, you can purchase it here.

Ideally, you should also have read the Windows to Wealth book, or have studied the
CDs to better understand Technical Analysis.

When you purchase this class, the final confirmation page will give you a link to access the file immediately. You may also access the recording by going to the Members Area; My Account page. Then click on 'My Library' on the left side.