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Choosing the Right Option — $59.00

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Recorded Webinar Class

Join stock market expert, Stephen Cooper, live as he takes you step by step through his proven system to determine the best option contracts to use in your trades.

Should you use in, at, or out-of-the money contracts for best results?
How much time to expiration do you really need?
How do you know when to buy options that expire quickly?
When do you want options with lots of intrinsic value?
Do you know when it is time to absolutely run for the exit?

Questions such as these will be answered in detail, along with much more!

How do you balance time with intrinsic value?
How do you know when to grab more of one and less of the other?
Which options should you avoid at all costs?
Do you know what LEAPS are and how they bridge the gap between options and stock?

New to trading and not sure how options work in the first place? No worries. Dr. C. will begin this special session with a review of what options are and how you can make them work for you.

Stephen has been trading since 1985 and teaching folks like you how to trade stocks and options over the past 14 years. You may have read about his system in the bestselling book, Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen, or heard him speak at a convention, or read one of his books; Windows to Wealth, or The Online Option Trader or Money Dreams to Money Reality.

Teaching thousands of people how to make incredible profits in the stock market
has been a rewarding experience for Stephen, but more importantly it's been very rewarding for his students.

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