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Windows to Wealth (e-book) — $49.95

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After becoming familiar with the fundamentals of option trading, Windows to Wealth will help propel you to the status of expert trader.

As a follow up to Dr. Stephen Coopers's first book, The OnlineOption Trader, Windows to Wealth takes an in depth look at the art of technical analysis. With over 100 actual charts Windows to Wealth is the practical guide to understanding the most important chart indicators and how to use them. In this 329 page guide Dr. Cooper not only shows you how to read and understand stock charts but explains the psychology behind the moves.

What is Chart Analysis?
Understanding Price Bars
The Building Blocks of Profit
Back to the Sandbox
The Forgotten Fourth Dimension of Time
The Order Around Us
Can you Spell?
Windows to Wealth
Mayday, Mayday

For those who are interested in making money in the stock market, even a basic study of this most fascinating of subjects can be vastly rewarding. Yet before I say out loud what this subject is, I feel a bit hesitant. Why? Because so many budding investors, traders, or the completely uninitiated hear the old term "Technical Analysis" and some primal fear seizes them. Something akin to what bystanders at a chess tournament may think, which grasps them at the throat and whispers "Good thing you are down here watching and not sitting across the board from old Igor Terrorinthegutsky."

So if you are in any way intimidated by the thought of learning how to make sense and money from the knowledge that is readily available through a basic understanding of stock charts, I say to you:

"If you read this book carefully and practice it's lessons you will learn to make better investment and trading decisions that can directly help you make much more money in the stock market than you have before!"