Discover How to Get Started with Real Money Options Trading

In this video training, you’ll learn how to take your ‘book smarts’ into real-world trading.  This is a basic level class that explains what to do once you’ve read the OnlineOption Trader Manual and you’d like some extra help transitioning to real money trades.

Getting Started Basic Training

This class is specifically designed for students who have already read the OnlineOption Trader Manual, but would like guidance in getting started.

We will show you how to use and get the most out of it.

We teach you the Trade Candidate Filter and how it can help you find a list of the best stocks to trade.

You’ll learn about the mindset and psychology of a successful trader.

And finally, we will go through what we believe is the daily routine of a successful trader.

How it Works

This 1-hour video training will be available immediately after purchase within your member’s training portal.

How to Prepare for This Video Training 

To get the most out of this training it will help if you have read the OnlineOption Trader Manual before attending this class.

If you don’t have the manual, you can purchase it here.

We’d recommend that you also have a brokerage account available to you or that you are in the process of setting up your brokerage account that allows you to trade cash-secured puts and calls.

Here’s How to Get Started

I’m sorry, but enrollment for the “Chart Analysis Volume 2” is now closed.

We’ll be officially re-opening up this program later in 2020 once we are ready.

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