Discover a Whole New World of Trading with Your Online
Option Advanced Membership

Membership to is specifically designed to open the door to a new world of trading for you.

With our proven step-by-step approach to the Market, analysis routines, and trading templates, we provide a clear path to better trading.

As a member, you will also become part of a unique community of traders and students where our membership truly thrives is during our weekly Online Option help sessions.

When You Join Here’s What You’ll Get…

Online Option Advanced Membership

[+] Live Weekly Trading Help Session: Join Ryan each Sunday for this hands-on trading workshop.  If you are unable to attend live you’ll be able to access the training recording inside your dedicated member’s area.

[+] Critical market updates sent to you directly via email.

[+] View Dr. Cooper’s Personal Watch List 

[+] View a screened list of Mutual Funds

[+] Access to the Classroom Section

[+] Access to key trading resources; Split calendar, Slams, News, Quotes, Broker Score Card, Charting, Upgrades, Downgrades, Earnings Calendar, Insider Trading, and more.

[+] Receive direct email alerts with market updates, impending trades, watch list changes, technical analysis of broad market action, and additional discussions.

[+] Receive weekly email notifications of new trade candidates.

Here’s How to Get Started

Getting started with your advanced membership is quick and easy. All you need to do is choose the investment option that is best for you below.

Most folks choose the yearly option as it offers a savings of nearly 20%, however, the monthly investment option is there for you as well if that’s a better fit.

Whichever option you choose please understand that you are getting discounted pricing to what it will be in the future.  And that you’ll get to keep that discount moving forward as long as you are an active member.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Below you will find many common questions we receive about the Advanced Membership and their corresponding answers.

Question #1: I’m new to trading stocks and options (never done it before) — will this membership be too advanced for me?

Answer#1: The Online Option Advanced membership is designed for both beginner and seasoned traders a like.

Question #2: What if I’m still paper trading?

Answer #2: We believe that paper trading is like ground school for our option students. And as such it’s essential.  With that in mind if you are still paper trading we believe that the Advanced Membership by Online Option can help accelerate you through paper trading allowing you to get to trading with real money more quickly and with greater confidence.

Question #3: What day and time are the Online Option help sessions held?

Answer #3: We meet ever Sunday at 2:15 pm Eastern time. If you are unable to join us on the live Online Option Help Sessions you are able to watch the recording the exact same day inside your private members portal.

Question#4: What if I’m unable to attend the weekly help sessions live?

Answer #4: If you are unable to attend a help session live you have the ability to watch the recording at your convenience inside your members portal.  What’s great is that you also have the ability to send in questions, charts to review, and even trade feedback ahead of time so you can get your questions answered by Ryan without you even needing to be there.

Question#5: What if I decide the Advanced Membership isn’t for me?

Answer #5: If for some reason you decide that the Advanced Membership is not a fit for you that’s totally fine because you can cancel at anytime.  That said, we’ve had members who have been with us for years and years because of all of the value they receive.

Question #6: If I’m an existing member will I keep my grandfathered pricing when the price goes up?

Answer #6: Yes, of course. As long as you are an active member you’ll get to keep the grandfathered pricing.  However, if you decide to cancel and rejoin later you’ll need to join at whatever the current pricing is.

Question #7: I’ve been trading for years — will I learn anything I don’t already know?

Answer #7: This is a great question. Over the years we’ve had total newbies and very seasoned investors join us here at Online Option.  During that time I’ve learned one thing…it’s not about how long you’ve been trading but how you’ve consistently been doing with your trades.  If you are making profits year after year in every market environment we recommend you stick to your system and keep at it.  However, if you are looking for a simple and systematic approach on how we consistently profit in the market with short-term puts and calls this may just be the right thing for.

Remember that we have no obligation to stay as long-term member so it’s nearly risk-free to test us out and if you like it great if not you are always welcome to cancel anytime.

Question #8: What format is the Advanced Membership delivered in? Text, video, live calls, etc?

Answer #8: The primary benefit of the Advanced Membership is our weekly Online Option Help Sessions that are delivered via webinar each Sunday. The video recordings are also available the same day inside your private members portal, which contains other benefits like Dr C’s watchlist, member updates, and more.  In addition we send out notifications and alerts on what’s going on in the market, occasional chart alerts, real-world case studies, and more.

Question #9: Are there any prerequisites for this membership? 

Answer #9: We recommend that you have an understanding of the systematic approach we take for trading options.  To quickly and easily get acquainted with our philosophy, system, strategies, and trading plan you can check out our Online Option Trader Manual.

Question #10: Do I need to be located in the United States? 

Answer #10: Over the years we’ve helped tens of thousands of students learn how to trade stocks and options. And during that process we’ve had folks come in and join us from all over the world.  Folks have joined us just about every single continent because one of the greatest benefits of option trading is you can live anywhere.