Discover Our  Systematic Approach to Profitable Stock and Option Trading
with Our A to Z Options Trading Program (aka “PCU”)

Now before we reveal the secret sauce of how we do what we do with trading it’s probably a good idea to start by telling you what we don’t do.

My name is Ryan Coisson and that’s me ===>

First, please understand that we are NOT day traders.

Hardly a week goes by that someone reaches out and tries to convince me to start day trading for one reason or another.

I don’t have anything against day trading.

Some of my friends are day traders actually doing sometimes 1,000’s of trades a day and I know that at times it can be quite lucrative. But, from my perspective, day trading is about making lots of quick decisions, being in trades for short periods of time, and requires you to be in front of your computer all the time, which takes a certain temperament.

And the way I approach trading options and how Dr. C has been sharing with folks since 1999 is different.

It changes the time frame and focuses on the quality of trades over the quantity of trades.

It focuses on putting time on your side by using logic and simple frameworks to achieve the desired result.

All while focusing on creating reproducible results.

And if I’m honest and a bit blunt I don’t think day trading for most folks is enjoyable or reproducible.

For many, it’s fighting a war of attrition on your mind, mental faculties, and emotions.

Second, I don’t know much about trading iron condors or other fancy options strategies.

I’ve never really cared to learn either.


We prefer simplicity through buying Puts or Calls as our primary strategy and this focus has served us well.

Of course, we’ve used a few other simple option strategies to create income as mid-term or long-term investors like writing covered calls or selling Puts yet the buying side has been our bread and butter for years.

Third, we don’t teach anything different from what we actually do.

In this industry, it’s so common for folks to say one thing and do something totally different.

And while I won’t divulge any names I’ve never understood this way of doing things.

Personally, I find it morally and ethically repulsive.

Not to mention this way of thinking is remarkably short-sighted and never has the best interest of the student in mind. Since our aim is to optimize for happy customers we’ve had a different approach.

How Do We Do What We Do?

Now that we’ve got that covered let’s focus on what we do.

Stock Trading

While I covered some of it above, I think the simplest explanation is that we are long-term investors first and short-term traders second.

We focus on using simple and reproducible frameworks to find, enter, manage, and exit trades.

We use a logic first approach and systems for eliminating emotion from our trading business and to help us continually optimize our results.

Take some time to think about that.

Write it down.

Maybe let it percolate in your brain for a moment or two.

I know this seems simple and maybe even basic for some.

But it’s profound when you begin to understand what it means (for you and your loved ones).

How Can One Become a Successful Trader?

Remember successful trading is a result of a set of skills that can be learned, implemented, and improved over time to create something pretty remarkable.

In my mind, there are four skills that one must learn:

  • Finding trades
  • Entering trades
  • Managing trades
  • And exiting trades

And none of them really exist in isolation.

They work together.

Each is part of a larger interconnected system that pulls itself forward. 

But…and this is very important, these skills on their own are not sufficient.

Over the top of it, putting it all together is the meta-skill, the inner game of trading.

It’s your mindset and how you handle emotion.

This is where the biggest landmines for many traders are.

They don’t understand just how important the inner game is.

And that’s where either the habits of a winning trade are created or habits of a losing trader are created.

And you’ll work from these habits often subconsciously.

If you ask me it’s far better to create those winning habits so I’ll share some with you.

Here Are Some of Those Habits for You to See…

While this business of options trading is simple, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

It takes work to learn these skills.

It takes work to control your mindset and manage your emotions.

It requires a deep understanding of:

  • Fundamentals
  • Strategies
  • Principles
  • Frameworks
  • And ‘how to’ from in the trenches execution.

The Good News is…

Our A to Z option training course brings all of these skills together into a single training system that meets you wherever you are right now with your trading.

Even if you’re a total beginner.

It’s specifically designed to take you through every skill and framework you need, the exact things we do in our own personal trading.

This text-based and video-based training program combines our best thinking from many decades of doing this for ourselves and teaching thousands of students.

So whether you are brand new, getting back into trading, or already actively trading options…

If you’d like to see how we put all of these pieces of the puzzle together in a simple step-by-step way this might just be a great fit.

And well we’d love to have you in the training program.

You might be wondering, is the PB Code Upgraded (PCU) for you? Or is this something that can really help you start to trade options or improve your existing trading?

These are great questions and in the next two sections, we will look at who the PB Code Upgraded is for and who it’s also specifically not for.

Let’s begin.

Who is the PB Code Upgraded For?

It’s specifically designed for you if you’d like…

  • Control over your life. To have the security of knowing that tomorrow can be better than today and next month better than last month.
  • Pride and confidence in what you do. For both yourself and your family if you have one.
  • Lifestyle that reflects your values, which for us, a HUGE value is our freedom. Both time & financial freedom.
  • Learn a skill that will stand the test of time. Something you can learn once and continue to use for years and even decades into the future. Plus this is a skill you can eventually teach your children or even your grandchildren.

What You Need?

  • A desire to profit from this tiny little corner of the stock market, options. 
  • The willingness to do the work to achieve your dreams and goals. We can’t do the pushups for you so to speak.
  • Open to being teachable and coachable.


Who is the PB Code Upgraded NOT for?

The PB Code Upgraded isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. Below is a simple list to help you decide if this program might just NOT be a fit for you.

Please give it a read.

[+] The ‘PB Code Upgraded’ is NOT for folks looking to ‘get rich quick’. Or for people that are looking trading hacks, secrets, or loopholes to make a quick buck. We don’t believe in that type of trading whatsoever.

[+] If you are unwilling to do the work, this isn’t for you.

[+] If you find yourself continually looking for the new shiny thing rather than doing the things that work, this isn’t for you.

[+] If you’re somebody who is really struggling financially and you don’t have two pennies to rub together, this program isn’t for you.

The PB Code Upgraded Overview & Video Walkthrough

If you would like to see the inside of PB Code Upgraded, I’ve recorded a 27-minute overview in the video below.

This is what you’ll see when you log in to your training portal for the first time.

There’s something powerful about actually seeing what our training portal looks like, the lessons, the video trainings, the done for you watchlist, cheat sheets, templates, and the overall level of depth, effort, and energy we’ve put into crafting this training program specifically for you.

So if you’re wondering what’s on the other side of the PB Code Upgraded enrollment door, take a look.

For a limited time, you can get started and get 4 FREE bonuses.

Here’s How to Get Started Today…

What Did Dr. Cooper Have to Say About the PB Code Upgraded A to Z Options Trading Course?

Take a look…

“Ryan, I think this is excellent. Dr CooperI like the cheat sheets idea. The ability to search within a video is amazing.

This course is very inclusive and will be a great addition.

The module arrangement breaks it down so students will not be overwhelmed. The tracker tool is a great idea.

I love the dashboard.

There are layers within layers of information within this course. I had no idea that you had gone to this extent! You’ve moved everything up many generations from how I did things before.

What an improvement. You’ve outdone yourself on this one!” – SMC

NEW Bonus Added – Winning with Covered Calls 

At Online Option, we used to sell two versions of the covered calls training program and this upgrade is a text and video-based training program that comes with an extra email series bonus that’s valued at at least $197 if not much more.

And it’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

Why Do We Really Love Using Covered Calls?

Covered Calls are something that can be profitable in neutral or bullish markets.

They can make you money when the market is going up, staying flat, or even going down a little.

Here’s what this training will do for you:

  • How to supercharge your IRA so you can get even bigger returns.
  • Discover the simple technique that is safer than buying stock.
  • Learn how to profit in two ways so you can magnify your results especially when the market is climbing.
  • How to determine your exact profit before you enter the trade.
  • How to potentially make at least 3% – 5% in 4-7 weeks on each trade so you can compound your training account potentially up to 60% a year.

I actually recorded you a sneak peek video of the new Winning with Covered Calls for you that you can watch below.

5-Minute Video

Plus When You Join Today You’ll Get Access to 3 Fast Action Bonuses

When you get started with the PB Code Upgraded today in addition to everything else you’ll also get access to 3 very special bonuses.

In my opinion, these bonuses alone are worth your entire investment in the PB Code Upgraded.

Fast Action Bonus #1 – The LTI Blueprint

Discover how to leverage your short-term trading profits into real long-term investing profits for your lifetime.

This blueprint will breakdown a long-term investing strategy and asset allocation model that can help you profit for years and years to come in just about any market environment so you can feel comfortable getting started with your long-term investing.

Or taking it to a whole new level.

Fast Action Bonus #2 – CC Side Door Method

Inside the CC Side Door Method you’re going to learn the exact strategy that a small group of colleagues and I are using to earn insane ROI’s of 1,000% or higher in a matter of a few months, weeks or even days sometimes.

This method is a bit controversial yet you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to protect yourself and make strategic plays that can result in huge WINS.

When you learn the power of utilizing asymmetric bets like this I promise a whole new world of ideas open up to you.

It’s quite exciting and a perfect compliment to what we teach as our primary strategies.

Fast Action Bonus #3 – Dividend Paycheck Mastery

Inside DPM you’re going to get access to 4 core components to learn the process, system and pool of companies that one of my good friends and colleagues uses to bring in HUGE & GROWING dividends year after year with nearly zero work on his part.  

The DPM is made up of 4 core components

    • The behind the scenes private 90-minute training 
    • The ETD system designed to quickly grow your results 
    • The 56 DPL Cheat Sheet
    • Quick Start Action Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we are going to cover the most common questions we see about our PB Code Upgraded training program and options trading in general.

Of course, if you have a question that we don’t cover here that you’re wondering about feel free to reach out to us and we will do our very best to help you out.

1.  Is the course content drip fed or can I access it all right now? 

What’s fantastic is that when you join the PB Code Upgraded today you’ll be getting access to the entire training inside your private training portal right away.

Once you login to the training portal you’ll get started with the Welcome & Getting Started section, which is specifically designed to help you achieve the best results with the PB Code Upgraded.

After that, you’ll start to make your way through every single lesson, which contains the core training, deep dive video lessons, cheat sheets, quick start guides, templates, and more all designed to help you have more success with options trading.

2.  How long do I have access to the PB Code Upgraded? 

What’s so great is when you join the PB Code Upgraded you are joining my community for the long term. I believe in building a long-term relationship with you and helping you over the long haul. Just look at how long Online Option has been here, we’ve been around since 1999.

That means I want to make sure you have access to this proven and powerful information.

Now my merchant processor won’t let me say ‘lifetime access’ but you’ll be getting access for the life of the business and I’ve got no plans of going anywhere.

3. What type of support do you offer?  

I believe that support is critical to your success in options trading and that’s why I’ve added 2 key layers of support for you.

Layer #1is direct access to Ryan (that’s me) through the dedicated support desk where you can ask any question you like about options trading or investing.

Layer #2: is both our specifically designed member FAQ section and knowledgeable support desk that is designed to help you with any issue or question you may have.

You’ll find an abundance of resources specifically designed to assist and help you with the implementation of the training program.

4.  Who is this program best suited for? 

The training program is best suited for ANYONE that is sick and tired of not getting the results or cash flow they are seeking with their options trading.

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to trading options or if you have some experience but just haven’t achieved the results you’re after consistently.

This is best for folks that are not tire kickers or looking for get rick quick things because that’s NOT at all what we are about.

I look to serve folks that are committed to their long-term success and are truly dedicated to reaching success, which means they know that it takes work and effort to succeed at anything in life, including this.

5. Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, in an effort to make things a bit easier and affordable for you I’ve decided to offer a 3 payment option.

This payment plan option allows you to invest $767 today and have 2 additional payments of $767 every 30 days.

6.  Is the PB Code Upgraded for me if I am not from the USA? 

Yes, I believe it 100% it is. If you’re worried about whether or not you can trade options from your home country we’ve got you covered.

This program has been specifically designed to help folks all over the world.

We have already been serving folks in countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America, and many other places. So if you’re wondering if this can work for you the chances are it completely is.

However, if you still are wondering you can always drop us a support ticket and we will get back to you personally.

7. Do you offer any type of guarantee when I invest in the PB Code Upgraded? 

While I can’t provide a guarantee that you will be successful with options trading because your success is dependent on you. That said, what we do offer is a no questions asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

With our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee there are no wiggle clauses, no funny business, or anything like that and I don’t care if it’s been 29 days 23 hours 59 minutes or 30 seconds after your purchase simply reach out to us at the support desk and we will get you taken care of.

8. How much time do I need to dedicate to my options trading each week? 

Growing any business or doing anything like options trading requires a commitment of your time and effort, however, we believe when done correctly that options trading is the perfect lifestyle business.

Here’s why…

It takes me (Ryan) only 2-3 hours a week to run and operate my trading business.  This is one of the major reasons I personally was attracted to it so many years ago.  Dr. Cooper really showed me that you can do this in a matter of 15-20 minutes a day, which was a total paradigm shift for me at the time. That said, when you are starting out say it takes you twice as long as me that’d be 5 hours or so a week.

If we are even fairer and say it takes you a whopping 4x as long as me that’d be about 10 hours a week. So I believe if you have 5-10 hours a week to focus on your trading you should be good to go.

That said if you don’t have that much time available to you this probably isn’t the right thing for you at this time.

9. How much money do I need to start with?

What I love about options trading is you don’t need a fortune to get started. I personally got started with $1,000 which took me about 1.5 months to save up when I first got started back in the early 2000s.

That said, $1,000 is a great starting point and it’s ok if it takes you a little bit of time to be able to get to that level.

Now even if you have a ton of money already I’ll teach you inside the training why you should never start with over $10,000 out the gate.

But if you don’t have two pennies to rub together my suggestion is to get on much more solid footing before trying to learn how to trade options because you just won’t get the value out of it.

Here’s How to Get Started…

On your side,
Dr C & Ryan
Dr Cooper And Ryan