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For many people trading stocks and options seems too mysterious or just too risky. Without the right knowledge, technique, plan guidance trading stocks and options really is mysterious and risky!

If you are thinking about just going it alone I would advise you to think twice. There is special knowledge and time proven techniques in every profession. Do you want to go out and try to find them through trial and error? If you wanted to be an electrician would you just start cutting wires and see what happened? No! Not only would it be foolish, but even if you didn’t get electrocuted it would be years, if ever, before you learned the craft.

The apprentice system has been around for many hundreds of years in various forms. It remains because it works. Why would anyone want to go it alone in the stock market when there is a clear way to save years of time and countless dollars?

After trading for over 30 years now and teaching thousands of folks a sensible STEP-BY-STEP Plan for knowing what to do and when to do it I am confident that I can teach you too.

Once you learn our approach to the Markets you will clearly have a major advantage. Let’s face it; thousands of newbies make their first trade every week. Most of them have no clue! So what does this mean?

You will be able to take advantage of the marketplace for profit – again and again and again. No matter if it goes up or down!

How? It’s quite simple. Using my Trade Candidate System you will be able to narrow down the thousands of stocks that are available and then just follow my simple rules to know when to enter and exit your trades. But don’t just take my word for it, here’s what one of my students recently had to say after learning my system:

Dr. Cooper I thought…these trades would… be of some interest to you or the other students. NUE Jan 60 Put @ 6.10 sold at 10.90 20 days later 78%. UNH Aug 90 Put @ 4.80 sold at 9.00 14 days later 87%. GD Aug 100 Put @ 4.80 sold at 18.50 12 days later 285%. ABK Aug 60 Put @ 2.45 sold at 5.90 2 days later 140%. RYL Aug 40 Put @ 2.30 sold at 5.90 7 days later 156%. BLL Aug 37.5 Put @ 1.75 sold at 4.40 6 days later 151%. Thank You Dr. C. Ronnie Jarolimek


You’ve probably heard of and even seen stock charts. What you may not know is that these charts can tell you a lot about what is likely to happen in the near future, you know how to read them. What’s so great about stock charts? Charts are like x-rays. They allow you to see what is otherwise invisible. A chart is really a picture of price and volume over time. They give you insight that is just not available in any other way. And, it is not restricted to just stocks. You can look at charts for indexes, gold, interest rates, currencies, commodities.just about any thing that has price and volume.

Charts are Roadmaps To Successful Trading

I’ve got to tell you, charts can be simply amazing! Charts can show you when a market is ready to stop going up or stop going down. I use charts to tell me these very things. For members of my site I tell them what the charts show me. Would you like to see an example of an alert I sent out to the Advanced Members of that was based on knowing how to understand the charts? First, I’d better give you some background. You probably remember where you were and what you were doing the moment you first heard the news on September 11th, 2001. I was working at my desk that Tuesday morning when my son burst in and said, “Dad a bomb or something went off in New York!” A few moments after flipping on the TV it became frightfully apparent that something terrible was happening.

You remember what it was like on that Tuesday and the days that followed? It was one of the darkest times in U.S. history. The stores were quiet, people were in shock, and news broadcasts predicted that a recession may be coming. The Stock Market was closed all that week and didn’t open again until Monday September 18. And what happened on that Monday? The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped like a stone. It fell so hard that the record books had to be revised. The largest point drop in history took place that Monday. The rest of the week was not much better. It seemed almost hopeless didn’t it? So much fear, so much concern about the future! So here is what I said to members of shortly after what we now simply call, “9/11.”

9/27/01 ALERT ALERT ALERT The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) and the S&P Index both confirmed market bottoms today. This marks the begin of a potential bull rally. The system used to make this determination has been shown to be historically accurate 80% of the time. The last time I sent such an alert the DOW subsequently rose nearly 2000 points, the S&P lifted about 200 points and NASDAQ increased by about 500 points. Note: Today’s alert involves the DOW and S&P indexes only!

From the day I sent this special alert to my Advanced Members the DOW and S&P soared up making huge profits for those who knew how to read the charts. How was I able to make such an optimistic call on September 27th, 2001?

By looking at the charts and IGNORING THE EXPERTS!


Too many people think that they must be someone special or extraordinary to make extraordinary money in the stock market. The only good response to that is Humbug! If you are willing to learn a plan and follow it you have what it takes. I have now taught literally thousands of people like you how to trade, and trade well. Those people along with me make up a strong trading family of like-minded individuals. Our home is right here at

Well my friend, we’d love to have you along with us. You have the potential to reach levels of trading success that you may have only dreamed of before. We have the tools to get you there. 

The choice is yours.

Kindest Regards,
Dr C & Ryan



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